SteamPunk Clock

Monday, March 7, 2016

So I got my animation professor from last semester to send me the file of this clock that I worked on, since I wasn't available to pick it up. Luckily, he still had access to the model so here it is.

Inspired by:

Modeled by frozenstocks from deviantart. Here is his/her profile:

I'm really proud of this clock; it was the first adequate thing I modeled on ZBrush and is so detailed that I had to use multiple challenging tools to get that detail on the clock.

Extrusions are a little rough, but it's cool, it's cool.

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Currently Working On...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


So as you may know (but probably not because no one reads this, let's be honest) I'm currently situated abroad for the semester. Here, I'm working at a start-up company that I shall not name for fear of potential legal/copyright reasons?? I'm sure no one gives a shit, but I won't say just in case!

Anyway, I'm helping them out with their web-design and I'm working on a little animation that I plan on putting as their intro home page.

 Here's what it looks like behind the scenes. Obviously being animated in Maya. It was modeled mostly in ZBrush with ZSpheres, but I used Maya to create the head of the shape and ZRemesher to realign the topology.

And here's what it looks like so far...

Painted w/ polypaint and transferred UVs to Maya. This made the model texture a little spotty, so I ended up making the UVs on Maya and using GoZ to fix it.

Now to the hard part: I have to make a rig for this character and animate a small little dance, which I assume will be super fun :))) (Note: this is EXTREME sarcasm).

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Armor Model // Rope & Chains

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Modeled in ZBrush.

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Heian Shrine Model // ZBrush & Maya

Modeled after the Heian Shrine, a Shinto shrine located in Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan.
Modeled in ZBrush 4R7; 
Textured using Polypaint in ZBrush; 
Lit & rendered in Maya 2016. 


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Crown Modeled on Blender (2015)

Modeled in Blender 
Rendered and lighted in Maya 


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7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Studying Abroad In Paris

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1. Just because you live in one city, it doesn't mean other cities will make automatically make sense. Paris is confusing as FUCK. I thought New York was confusing, LOL. No. Things make sense in New York. 23rd Street comes after 22nd Street and 2nd Avenue comes after 1st Avenue. We have the Lower East Side, Lower West Side, Upper East Side, Upper West Side. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Here, streets don't have order. They go everywhere and anywhere. And, for some reason, they have the names of the streets placed on inconspicuous parts of corner buildings so you have to literally stand at every intersection and gape at all the walls until you finally locate the name of the street.  What happened to good old street signs?

2. Parisians are not as evil as people make them out to be. I have yet to meet a single person who has been blatantly rude to  me. They actually all seem quite nice! If you speak English to (most) people, they're eager to answer back in English if they can. Of course, this is only probably for their own benefit, but that's fine.

3. Things close really early, or open really late. Not to perpetuate the whole "You can keep your so called workers" debacle, but the French really seem to enjoy their time off. The metro closes around midnight - though I guess this may seem reasonable to anyone from anywhere but NYC, where New Yorkers need their drunken 3am subway rides almost as much as they need their 8am coffees), and virtually nothing but clubs is open past 9pm,

4. Speaking of clubs, people are quite conservative here. In the U.S., go to any club or respectable bar area and expect to see hordes of girls walking around in tight, mini dresses and push up bras. Here, people kind of throw on some $400 jeans, a fur coat, and a Burberry bag. Which is fine and all. But I kind of enjoy walking around half-naked?

5. Jaywalking is not a thing here. People will give you dirty side-glances if you do.

6. You have to open the door yourself on the train. This one is the absolute kicker. What is the purpose of this? It's not like there's some nifty little button that you hit to open the doors, no, it's some weird little door handle that you have to put half your body weight into shoving , and when you finally manage that, it flies open so fast that you can't stop yourself from jumping in shock, thus alerting everyone on the train that you're a foreigner. And another thing about the metro: why is there so little personal space? Trains in America are positioned so that there is enough space for you to be able to sit in a chair without touching the person beside or across from you. In France, the trains are designed in quadruples of seats facing each other in such close proximity that it's physically impossible to sit in a seat without intertwining legs and making awkward eye contact with everyone in your weird quadruple. I don't know, maybe this is just me, but I don't really enjoying feeling like I'm at some unbearably uncomfortable intimate dinner with three (or more) strangers whenever I get on the train.


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Things I Love About London // Things I Hate About London

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Things I Love About London 
1. The tube is 37x more reliable and straightforward than the subway in New York. 
2. The accents, duh. 
3. Maltesers
4. Pretty houses
5. The grass is greener, and I really don't mean this metaphorically, the grass is literally greener than American grass. 
6. The possibility of running into a member of One Direction 

Things I Hate About London 
1. The metro closes, like... really early. 
2. Why is Parks and Rec not available on Netflix in this country?? WHY. 
3. And Hulu? That's also not available? 
5. Amazon Prime apparently does not switch over between your accounts when you move to different countries. 
6. Shit is more expensive here. I paid 12 pounds for contact solution. That's like, $15?
7. I gained about 7 pounds from all the delicious chocolate. 
8. The whole driving on the left side thing is kind of weird. 

My Things I Hate About London list is more extensive than my Things I Love About London list, but make no mistake, I'm obsessed with London. I've had a really great time and I'm kinda sad that I leave for Paris tomorrow. JK lmao I'M SO EXCITED. London has been fun, but I can't wait to see my friends, make new friends, get drunk in Paris, and start my classes. APPARENTLY, I'm going to be living in an apartment instead of a dorm, like I'd originally been told. My roommate, Colin and I only just got the notice, and we're pretty annoyed about it, not only because it's so short notice, but we don't get the same amenities that we would've in the dorms and we're going to be quite far away from our school. But we'll see how it goes when we get there, I suppose. 

I'm really glad I got to spend time with family that I haven't seen in ages here. I've been spoiled and pampered by all my aunts and uncles and have gotten to hang out with all my cousins and see some old friends. Because everyone is spread out in different parts of London, I've gotten to see so much of the city. Here's a lit of places I spent time in:

  • Canary Wharf 
  • Central London 
  • Windsor 
  • Mitcham 
  • Brent Cross
  • East Finchley 
  • East Putney 
  • Kent 
  • Shepherd's Bush
I went to most of these places on the tube, ALONE. Honestly, I'm basically a full blown British person. All I need is the accent and I would blend in so well. I don't care how horrible my cousin tells me my accent is. Like her American accent is any better........ Though to be fair, British people tend to be so much better at doing American accents than Americans are at doing British accents. But I digress. 

Anyway, on Tuesday, I got to see a friend, Tobi, that I haven't seen since I left Nigeria. It was great to catch up and hear about what everyone's doing, not that I care that much lmao, but it was still interesting. HERE IS A PIC OF US YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT BUT I'M GOING TO POST ANYWAY. 

On Thursday, I met up with my uncle who took me shopping and spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds at me at the mall. I got new shoes and a shit ton of makeup and I'm pretty sure I teared up a little at the end because I've been dreaming of the day some rich uncle would offer to take me shopping and it actually happened and I was so emotional. Dreams do come true, kids. 

Me trying on the highlighter that I bought from MAC. 

Today, I met up with my cousin at East Finchley!! This was my favorite day because she's one of my favorite cousins and we had a very deep conversation about life and love and it was so NICE to catch up because I haven't seen her in so long. She took me on a walk around Finchley while the sun was setting, and we even stopped at a pub that we heard One Direction frequents (cough cough I dragged her to it cough). Unfortunately for me, One Direction was not at the pub. but it was still cute to see. 

All in all, I'm really obsessed with London and I had such a great time. I'm sad I didn't get to see any of the night life, but my cousin has promised to take me around the next time I come back. The next time I write, I would've transformed from an English Bitch to a full blown Parisian Bitch. 

Au Revoir!

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